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Ivy Hills Eyecare's Destination for Premium Lenses and Eyeglasses

Our Ivy Hills Eyecare optical is Newtown’s unparalleled destination for premium lenses and eyeglasses. We believe that you should never compromise on your vision, which is why we offer quality lenses and frames that promise not just clarity, but a refined and sophisticated eyewear experience.

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Our Eyeglass Services

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Designer Frames

Our collection of designer frames capture the essence of luxury and individuality. Sourced from the world’s most trusted fashion brands, they come in a diverse range of styles that resonate with many distinctive tastes. From classic looks to modern avant-garde trends, our opticians will help you choose a pair that blends seamlessly with your everyday aesthetic and your identity.

Prescription Glasses

Our team ensures that your prescription is translated flawlessly into lenses that offer uncompromised clarity and comfort. Whether you're seeking a single-vision solution or a multifocal masterpiece, our extensive range of prescription eyeglasses cater to various visual needs. Experience the joy of clear vision customized to your unique requirements, and discover how eyewear can enhance your everyday life.

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Sunglasses & Transitions®

Bask in the fusion of style and sun protection with our assortment of sunglasses and Transitions® lenses at Ivy Hills Eyecare in Newtown. Our sunglasses shield your eyes from harmful UV rays and are available in diverse designs, such as classic aviators, contemporary designs, and other shades that complement your lifestyle. You can also opt for prescription sunglasses as an extra pair of eyewear or a pair you wear outdoors when taking a break from contact lenses.

Additionally, if you want UV protection without switching between prescription glasses and sunglasses, then Transitions® lenses can benefit you. They adapt to changing light conditions, offering the convenience of clear vision indoors and sunglasses-like protection outdoors.

Specialty Eyewear

Your unique vision requirements deserve innovative solutions, which is why we offer an array of specialty eyewear. Our specialty eyewear is designed to cater to specific visual needs and lifestyles, ensuring that you see the world with clarity and comfort.

This includes sport-specific eyewear for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, shooting goggles for hunting, safety and protective eyewear for hazardous work environments, and swim goggles and dive masks. We also offer occupational eyewear for specific professions and computer glasses for prolonged screen time.

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